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Kept up-to-date by sangofe 29th of July 2014

Bet you thought we dropped it! The tl;dr version is people have other engagements and once one job is ticking behind, the rest of the fansubbing machine starts slowing down as well.

In any case, we’re back on track and have worked hard to get these out for you guys… Hopefully the results speak for themselves! I believe the show will be over with episode 12 or 13. GBF Try airs October 8th, so hope to wrap things up with the batch before then.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_05_[720p][48CB0818].mkv
MD5: 3539507c8d4b734262539a6538a14aeb    icon-magnet
CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_06_[720p][08849D20].mkv
MD5: fb2ca4a6ae78360da5949439d8bca978     icon-magnet
CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_07_[720p][DFEFBAC3].mkv
MD5: 4472fca5ef45dbbb325130b7a45653c8      icon-magnet
CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_08_[720p][91BC7EAB].mkv
MD5: 09ef792efb888f08448cbccbe5f575c1         icon-magnet
CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_09_[720p][68BE470B].mkv
MD5: aeb8c980406cb70164525c4532656e09     icon-magnet

Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.

1) The truth is out there.
2) Katagiri isn’t gay.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_98_[DVD][02D8A358].mkv


I agree with Takeru. How about you? See the smirk on Hitori’s face? He might not show it but deep down he agrees…

This project is a joint with Luurah Productions, so dont forget to drop by and say thanks. also DDL Links are available at Luurah’s, so download and seed if you can.

For those who don’t wanna download the episode all over again, here is a patch for you!

A V2 is now available as well. Enjoy ;)

[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_01_[480p][DVD][v2][DA7CD447].mkv icon-magnet
MD5: 1874c1df8153093d1f7e27e298ba70c1


Hope you’re not as spooked as this guy about the nyaa downtimes. Joint with Live-eviL.

(Note: Nyaa’s site is up, but their tracker is having issues for the time being, click the magnet in case nyaa is kill, again)

CCCP iconicon-magnet [Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_15_[DVD][1DD3AFCC].mkv
MD5: bf501ccb6f6d816c9cba87fe6d8e7f59

Been a while since the last episode, so Minoru’s fully recovered from his first encounter with wasabi!

Don’t forget to visit Hybrid-Fansubs!

CCCP icon[HyZen]_Baby_and_Me_-_08_[DVD_480p][1F3BBB1E].mkv

kuroko ep24 newspost pic

Hey, everyone!  How’s it going?  Things are still kicking here over at Saizen and here’re the last 2 eps for Season 1 of Kuroko’s Basketball on blu-ray.  Check out Aomine and Kise fight it out till the bitter end in this one as they set up the second season.

As far as plans for a batch of this goes, I’ll repeat what I’ve said for months now.  There’ll be one.  Probably in a month or so.  I don’t know if there’ll be any V2s yet.  I need to look through everything and decide on some things.  We still have the Volume 9 bloopers to finish on top of that… Nevermind all the other stuff I’m working on over here.

Which leads me to… announcing that we’re working on the OAD, バカじゃ勝てないのよ!  Expect that before the batch torrent for Season 1 comes out!

As far as season 2 goes… We don’t have any of the bdmvs right now for it.  If you have them or know where to get them, please contact us.  We are interested in them and it is something that we will probably do in the future at some point.  I just have no idea as to when that would be right now.

Also, you may have noticed I have added little magnet icons beside the filename.  These are magnet links to the torrent.  With nyaa currently down, we’ve added these and will add the torrents to nyaa whenever they get back up ;)

Edit: Nyaa’s back up, so here are the straight links.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_24_[720p][Blu-Ray][46769837].mkv icon magnet
MD5: a9db26964d6cd1498b52c6e70043d2b4

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_24_[1080p][Blu-Ray][20E762E2].mkv icon magnet
MD5: 048bacdda9feeb50827463458de45f7a

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_25_[720p][Blu-Ray][7D67AA22].mkv icon magnet
MD5: 5264003a984f6cf30272a446c881f619

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_25_[1080p][Blu-Ray][C97B079A].mkv icon magnet
MD5: 462cf58856e28bf6f66691f389de5603